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Poster: brewster Date: Oct 12, 2002 10:56am
Forum: bookmobile Subject: HP4600dn An amazing color laser printer

The virtues of the HP4600dn are hard for me to list. I am seriously impressed with this printer.

HP donated a bunch of the equipment in the bookmobile (thank you hp!) and we got to really try it out. retail the 4600dn is $2500 and the 4600hdn is around $3500.

It prints at 20 pages/minute even in color because it is one pass (the older color lasers were 4 pass, so cranked color pages slowly). this meant we could print an alice in wonderland in under 10 minutes, and a wizard of oz in about 20.

It was sitting on a seat in the back of the ford aerostar and went through freezing and heat, bouncing from CA to DC, and we worked it hard. It ran off of a generator and that didnt freak it out. this thing is solid.

further, it is smart-- it has a web server that tells you all sorts of things about itself. it monitors the inks and has a few modes for saving money on pages that are mostly black.

We actually now have 2 of these printers for development and the road, one with the harddrive came with us so we could print without using a PC.

the cartridges are expensive (about $800 for a full set), but the price per page is about $0.01. I hope these prices fall.

We did lose 2 of the cartridges after leaving the van out in the freezing cold one night, but we had thought about this and brought our replacements inside.

Anyway, this is one great printer that I highly recommend. Thank you HP.


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Poster: kevmayes Date: Oct 12, 2002 3:50pm
Forum: bookmobile Subject: Re: HP4600dn An amazing color laser printer

brewster ~ this is good ~ but is there any chance sometime ~ and there is no special rush ~ of getting a solid break-down of the real costs of running such an enterprise ~ perhaps without the car and sat connection and all that mobility ~ just the gear needed to ~ plug into the net ~ pull the relevant book ~ print the relevant book ~ bind the book ~ just so time and consumable costs become clear ~ so one can put together a somewhat rational proposal for prospective philanthrooist :) ~ thanks in advance ~ k